Clearing the Clutter In Your Bedroom

While you may only use it a few hours a day – and most of those hours you’re sleeping - nothing feels better or more restful than going to bed at night in a clean and clutter-free bedroom. If you’re like most people, though, you avoid this area because most of your decluttering would have to take place in the morning – for example, making the bed and putting clothes away. Who has time for that? But it is possible to spend just 15 minutes giving it a quick decluttering when you get home from work or are done running errands for the day. Start by making the bed. If you think you can change out the sheets in less than 5 minutes (because you are just that good), then go ahead. Otherwise, put the comforter or bedspread on, fluff up those pillows and be done with it. Next you’ll want to tackle clothes. Do you have them tossed around all over? The dirty ones need to go into the hamper. If the hamper stays in sight, make sure it has a lid. If the hamper is in the closet, a lid is not really necessary (but a ‘nice to have’). If you have clothes that aren’t necessarily dirty – perhaps a button needs to be replaced – designate an area in your closet for these items. Perhaps get a basket to put them in so they are easily distinguishable from your other clothes. For clothes that don’t go in the closet (such as undergarments) and aren’t dirty, give them a quick fold and put them in a dresser or wherever they normally go. With the two biggest clutter factors taken care of, you now need to remove or straighten up all the miscellaneous objects. Keep in mind the daily rule - if you don’t use it daily then it needs to be put away - and put the items away. And this is important: this is NOT the time to clean out the nightstand drawers. It’s very common when we stash something away in a drawer, we see the mess and are inclined to clean it. Save that task for another day when that is your only focus. If you must keep items out, be sure they are clean and organized in a fashion that does not appear to be sloppy. For example, if you’re an avid reader and have magazines next to the bed, stack them in a neat pile putting the smallest on top and the biggest on the bottom. If there are items on a dresser or chest of drawers, be sure they are organized in groups of 3’s or 5’s and free from dust. If you have time, give any mirrors a quick wipe. Last, there are kid’s rooms. All the above applies, however, in reality there is really only so much you can do with miscellaneous items. Depending on the age of the child, you can put toys in their designated bins or hang up items on hooks and such you’ve placed around the room. Beyond that, you’ll have to put a decluttering plan in place for the kids to follow or tackle the problem at another time. That may seem like a lot go accomplish in 15 minutes but if you take a 1, 2, 3 approach (bed, clothes and miscellaneous objects), you can declutter your place of refuge within your 15-minute time frame.


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