Curtains or Draperies - Which Room and Why

I get a lot of email from people across cyberspace asking me to explain the difference between Curtains and Draperies. At the same time, these same inquisitive people ask me to direct them on what are the proper rooms of their home in which to hang curtains and what rooms should they hang draperies. I will do my best to explain what type of window treatment is best suited for the room.

Before I start, I would just like to say that what I have to say here are just suggestions. None of my suggestions are written down in stone. All I am trying to do here is give you an idea or two in order for you to get a basic understanding of where to hang curtains and where to hang draperies around your home. So let's get started...

The first room of your home I will discuss is the living room. Here you would more than likely want to display a more formal look to the room. This room would be the place to display draperies as the primary window treatment. Also, if any of these rooms has a sliding glass door to a patio or balcony, drapes around these doorways are a pleasant solution to a classic look.

Now you want to consider a drapery style to coincide with the decor or theme of the room. Depending on the degree of formality, you may want to go with Bradley Linen, Capri Batiste Drapes or Grammercy Park Deco. Without my knowledge of how you have decorated the room, I can only suggest what styles are available to you to choose from.

Other rooms in your home such as the Family Room, Bedroom, Den, Library, Study, and Loft may also be rooms in which to display draperies. It all depends on how formal you wish to present the atmosphere of each of these rooms.

There are several styles of draperies to choose from such as Balloon Shade, Deco Cascade, Deco Swag, Pinch Pleated Pair, Pinch Pleated Panel, Rod Pocket Pair and Patio. To get a good idea of what all these styles look like, go online to view.

If you would like to take advantage of the insulating advantages that some curtains offer, then to make draw curtains a more formal presentation, you could combine a valance over the top edge of your curtains to complete the look.

When it comes to a child's bedroom, you might want to go with curtains. You have a wide variety of choices for both boys and girls.

For the girl's bedroom you might want to go with curtain styles such as Candi, In Bloom, Manchester Brights, Pizzazz or Simmi. All these curtain styles have shades of color or prints that are more in the direction of a little girl's bedroom. Take a look online.

For a boy's bedroom you would go in a different direction. Some of the choices you have for a boy's bedroom are Moon and Stars, Sailboats or Groovy Dots. These have a tendency to lean more to the styles that are more appropriate for a boy's bedroom. All you have to do is explore you boy's bedroom curtain options online.

Now we will take a look at what styles of curtains are available for your kitchen. Like every other room of your home, the kitchen has a color theme and a style theme. All you have to do, when it comes to kitchen curtains, is match both the color and style of your kitchen.

I have researched many possibilities for kitchen curtains and came up with a variety of different styles and colors such as Angela Tiers, Battenburg Tiers, Beach, Briar Rose, Butterflies, Celebrity Tier, Climbing Roses, Cottage Stripe, Countryside, Darcy, Denim Look, Dublin Stripe, Fruit Medley, Fruitopia Cottage Set and Gingham Panel.

All of the kitchen curtains are available with a choice of colors. You will find that perfect kitchen curtain match just an online search away.

Sometimes there are applications for curtains that are somewhat unusual. The perfect examples of this are the two rather large side wall windows of the garage that a friend of mine has at her townhouse. She happens to be a fan of American football, so she put up the logo curtains of the NFL. There are also other choices for garage curtains such as car brand curtains or NASCAR curtains. You're probably saying, "Wow, there are curtains out there that will compliment your garage?"

So there you have it. There is a wonderful world of curtains and draperies just waiting for you to discover. Go out and explore you options. You won't be disappointed.

Draperies/Curtains: The difference between Draperies and Curtains is very simple. Draperies are pleated and are more formal, whereas Curtains are informal and generally gathered.


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