Remodeling Your Bathroom - Refurbish or Remove?

A lot of times, remodeling can mean complete demolition of what is currently in the bathroom. Tearing down everything might be exactly what your remodel needs, but it also might not. You can save money as well as time and effort by simply refurbishing some of the existing furniture and appliances. For example, you can sand down cabinets to repaint and change out the existing hardware to give your cabinets a whole new look. Depending on the material of your countertops, you might be able to keep the existing counter and have a new material poured over to create an entirely new look. Or, if you can remove the countertops easily enough, you can save and reuse the cabinets and only replace the countertops. Even your tub and sinks can be refinished in some cases, saving you a lot of time and trouble - as well as money.


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