Slip Covers for Recliners

Your recliner has been a faithful and loyal friend. You've spent many hours sitting in it, reclining in it, resting in it. You can't even count the number of times you've fallen asleep in your recliner while watching television. It has been part of the family. When you were down, it silently offered a bit of comfort. Now, you fear you'll have to part with it. It has gotten old and out-of-date. Its fabric is no longer bright and beautiful. Plus, you've redecorated the living room and the recliner sticks out like a sore thumb! Oh sure, it still feels good, but its looks leave a lot to be desired. Don't worry; you do not have to get rid of your old friend. Just renovate it. Make the old new again. Buy a new recliner slipcover. Recliner slipcovers are fabrics specially cut and sewn to fit over reclining chairs. They simply fit snugly over your existing material to give you a whole new look. It's like an instant facelift for the entire room. Visitors will not even know you've covered your chair it will look like a whole new recliner! Recliner slipcovers generally cost under $100 - or much less if you find one on sale or at a discount store. That's merely a fraction of the cost of a whole new recliner. When shopping for recliner slipcovers, pay careful attention to the material. Your recliner gets a lot of use, and it needs a fabric that can handle that. It also moves and bends a lot, so the material must be able to withstand that. Stretch denim, cable knit, velour, chenille, and most elasticized fabrics are good choices. If your recliner feels great but looks terrible, don't buy a new one. Consider a recliner slipcover instead. This way, you get a 'new' recliner, without the new recliner price.


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