Space Saving Designs For the Kitchen

If you are remodeling your kitchen, there is no better time to add some great space-saving additions. Here are a few ideas: * A pot rack can be hung from the ceiling to provide an extra space to hang pots and pans, utensils, etc. * Build shelves into the sides of cabinets for extra space to keep spices, jars, or food wraps. * Mount spice racks on the wall near your stove to free up cabinet space. Or make use of small extra space in cabinets to install a vertical pull-out drawer specifically for spices. * Install taller cabinets to make use of more space in your kitchen. Keep items that you donít use every day higher up to get them out of your way. If you are updating appliances as well, invest in an overhead microwave. The amount of counter space you save will be worth it.


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